Don’t you dare tell me how the hell to run my life.

For all those who don’t know, I used to starve myself.  I no longer do, but I did use to.  I used to throw up everything that I did eat. Now you see, my friends started getting a bit concerned.  They definitely knew something was very different about me and my eating habits.  I kept getting asked if something was wrong, and naturally I said no.  And the sad thing is, deep down I knew something was very wrong.  They don’t know this.  Nor will they ever, unless they somehow know I have this tumblr account.  I have another one, and they only know about that one.  This isn’t something I want to share with them.  I love them all to death, but I don’t think things would ever, ever be the same with us if I told them.

This is maybe somewhat meaningless to most of you, but I just needed to talk.. Even if that did mean just typing on a computer and venting.  This is me letting it all out.

PS. For all those wondering, idfk if you even are.. but I am still trying to lose weight.  BUT, I am doing it by eating healthy and working out, portion control and shit like that.

I never want to make the same mistake again.

Questions, concerns, comments, advice, tips, or if you just want talk, feel free to head on over to my ask.

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